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CRE Portfolio // 25  Buildings, D.C. & MD

Energy Compliance as a Service.  Designed a custom program for a client including benchmarking with a portfolio dashboard, 5 building energy assessments per year rolling, funded in large part by solar across 11 of the 25 buildings.

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Condominium // 720 Units, D.C.

Performed a building energy assessment, recommend a BEPS Compliance Pathway, and assumed benchmarking support. Results:  provided a breakdown of energy consumption, presented several packages of EEMs to meet compliance requirements. Now moving into Project Development phase with client.


CRE Office // 196,000 Sqft, D.C.

Performed a building energy assessment, assess feasibility of solar, and recommend BEPS Compliance Pathway.  Results: Provided a breakdown of energy consumption, presented ownership with several packages of energy efficiency measure to meet compliance. Client proceeding with recommendations utilizing in-house resources for implementation.

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Condominium // 425 Units, Maryland

Provided recommendations for energy efficiency, electrification, energy compliance, and EV charging; and identified the potential for a microgrid solution (to be explored further with grant funding) to bring resiliency features and added utility savings through demand response and peak shaving.

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CRE Office // 208,000 Sqft, D.C.

Identified a BEPS compliance strategy and energy efficiency measures to bring a 50.8% reduction in energy consumption to this iconic D.C. office building.

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Multifam-Apartments // 240,000 Sqft, D.C.

Verified and made corrections to historical benchmarking, worked with DOEE to re-benchmark results, and established correct Gross Floor Area (GFA).  Results: Corrected issue with previously reported energy use and corrected score for baseline year. Client is proven to be in compliance with BEPS Cycle 1.

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